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We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. I am here for you and to make sure your vehicle looks as good as it could. Think of me like your hair stylist, your doctor, or your landscaper. I am your personal detailer and will be the only one to touch your car just like the other professionals you use on a regular basis.

why choose us?



           Jewel Auto Spa was opened by Stefan Lynch, who is seriously passionate about detailing and maintaining vehicles. He works with all types of cars ranging from the soccer mom mini van all the way to the multi car collector with extreme exotics. Cars have been in his blood since he was born. His father and grandpa have been collecting cars for 30 plus years. After Years of prepping cars and enjoying car shows,Stefan decided to get professionally trained and open up Jewel Auto Spa. 

            Stefan found Renny Doyle at Detailing Success and it was a perfect fit. Renny is a leader in the detailing industry and preserves "Air Force One" every year. He taught me things i could only dream of doing. The processes, skills, techniques, and knowledge cultivated Stefan into an Expert detailer ready to tackle interior and exterior jobs with ease. Renny also has a connected group of detailer's that meet up yearly at events to continue their education and learn from each other so as the industry advances so do I! 

            Your car is treated as if it is mine. I work on one car at a time to ensure the vehicle is detailed properly and nothing is missed! After your car is detailed i make sure to explain how to maintain your car to keep it looking fresh. Maintenance is the key to a clean car!